Social Security Disability Claims
Social Security Disability Claims

We are prepared to take your case All The Way

Many people simply give up when they are rejected for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. They don't realize that most initial claims are denied.
The office of Russell W. Brown and Associates will pursue your case as long as necessary. We have a proven record of success with administrative hearings, in the administrative appeals process.

Experienced in SSDI Appeals

If your Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim has been denied, you only have sixty (60) days to file an appeal-call our office at 1.877.581.0971 for a free consultation. We represent disabled individuals with physical or mental impairments in the entire state of Texas, and anywhere in the U.S.

Administrative Appeals of Disability Claims

It DOES NOT hurt your case if you filed your own claim and lost. If your disability claim has been denied, or if you would like advice in filing your initial claim, please contact the representatives of Social Security Specialists today. We can begin working on your case immediately, without you having to leave your home. But from this point on, your odds of winning Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits without a legal representative get slimmer and slimmer.

  • Initial Claims — Our office will help prepare your claim to maximize past due benefits that may be due you, but even with our experienced representatives on your side, you may be turned down. In Texas, it typically takes 120 days for the SSA to rule on your case.

  • Reconsideration — If your claim is denied, we submit a formal Request for Reconsideration. New medical evidence and additional documentation is examined by a different Social Security administrator. This stage also takes about 120 days for a decision. (Some states do not have this step.)

  • Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing — This is the only time in the entire appeals process when you will have the opportunity to meet face to face with a person who has the authority to approve or deny your claim. We will meet with you prior to this hearing to ensure all medical evidence is in order and make sure you are prepared fully to testify before the judge.

    Your Hearing Before the Administrative Law Judge

    When Will a Hearing Occur? 

    • After a denial at the reconsideration level (in most states)
    • It generally requires 8 to 12 months after a request for a hearing for the hearing to occur
          What is a Hearing?  
    • An informal fact-finding procedure usually requires about 1 hour
    • Pertinent information is presented to the judge by your representative. The judge also considers medical information in the file, testimony at the hearing, the experts opinions, and any additional briefs or letters from yourrepresentative .
    • The judge and your representative will usually ask you questions about your age, educational background and vocational training, work history, and physical and/or mental disabilities
          Who is in Attendance?  
    • You (the claimant)
    • Your representative
    • The judge
    • The reporter
    • Sometimes medical and/or vocational experts
    • Family members and former employers may also appear
          The Hearing Outcome  
    • The judge's decision is usually not given at the hearing
    • The written decision is generally received about 90 days after the hearing
    • If the decision is favorable, the payment process is initiated. Unfortunately, it can take several months for the claimant to receive funds
    • It may take 60-120 days for Disability payments to begin. Sometimes it takes a little less time for SSI benefits to begin.

  • Appeals Council — If we determine the ALJ judge made a mistake in rejecting your claim, we will appeal that ruling to the Social Security Administration's Appeals Council. This panel has the authority to reverse the judge's decision.

  • Federal Court Appeals — If the Appeals Council denies your claim, you may appeal through the Federal Court system. Social Security Disability Specialists will refer your claim to another attorney/representative that has appealed hundreds of cases to Federal Court and have won benefits for clients in Federal Court Appeals.

Even if you had another attorney and lost your case, please contact Social Security Disability Specialists we may be able to help.

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